Bark Out Loud by Vivaldis – Naked Oats & Veggies, Veg Dry Dog Food for All Breeds 9kgs+, Rich in Plant Protein, Prebiotics & Probiotics, Vitamins and Fibre,for adult, 2kg


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Product Description


At Bark Out Loud, we understand the profound connection between scent and taste, and we have dedicated ourselves to crafting pet food that satisfies both senses with unparalleled finesse.


Bark Out Loud’s Naked Oats and Veggies is aninnovative formula, where your pet can now get all the protein found in meat, without having meat. This complete and balanced meal is the perfect switch you can make today for your pet’s health and a better tomorrow!.


Is a vegetarian diet nutritious enough for your dog?

Yes. vegetarian dog food is acceptable provided it contains all the essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats that dogs need to be healthy and happy.

Can a dog have sufficient protein in a veg diet?

Yes, dogs can have sufficient protein in a veg diet. Major source of protein in veg diets includes types of Oilseeds, Grains & Proteins extracted from different vegetable sources.

How to maintain healthy coat with Veg diet?

Our veg diet contains different types of oils such as algae oil, canola oil linseed & vegetable oils. Algae oil is rich source of EPA & DHA , Canola oil, linseed & vegetable oils contains essential fatty acids to maintain healthier & glossy skin.

Can my dog survive only on a veg diet?

Yes, dogs don’t actually need meat in their diet to survive, unlike their wolf ancestors. It’s a common misconception that dogs are carnivores, but they’re actually omnivores, meaning they can digest and derive nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Why is our commercial food/kibbles good for your pet?

Our kibbles are preservative free, formulated by the team of expert nutritionists in accordance with AAFCO guidelines & considering the nutritional requirements of the pets. It provides precise nutrition, that home cooked meals seldom lack.


Each pet is unique & feeding amount may vary. Use the feeding chart as an initial guide and adjust feeding accordingly. When your dog switched from their regular diet to our food,they might go through a transition period.

What sets Bark Out Loud’s Premium Pet Food Apart? 1234

Discover a new standard of excellence in pet nutrition.Our unwavering mission is to provide your beloved companion with a dining experience that perfectly blends tantalising aromas & optimal nutrition


Our recipes are crafted with care, ensuring they are free from preservatives & exclusively made from natural ingredients, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality.More so there no added sugar too

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Nutritional Analysis

Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars

4.1 out of 5 stars

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Protein Source & Content

(21%)Oats, Peas, Corn & Potato

(26%) Chicken, Peas & Liver

(24%) Salmon & Turkey

(29%) Chicken, Peas & Liver

Crude Fat





Kibble Size





Add Preservatives





Added Sugar






Adult Dogs all breeds 9kg+

Adult Dogs all breeds 9kg+

Adult Dogs all breeds 9kg+

Puppy all breeds

PLANT BASED PROTEIN: Say goodbye to traditional animal protein! Our veg dog food offers a groundbreaking, meat-free alternative that provides all the essential protein your adult dog needs. It contains the combination of green peas, potato protein, naked oats and maize gluten to meet your pets protein requirement. Green peas and potato protein are enriched with essential amino acids while maize gluten and naked oats have whooping 60 to 30% pure protein goodness respectively.
SUSTAINABILITY & HEALTH: This made in Belgian adult dog food isn’t just about your pet; it’s about the planet too. By using sustainable plant-based proteins like green peas, split peas, and more, you’re choosing a meal that’s gentle on both your dog and the environment. It’s like a “green” choice that supports a healthier planet.
GUT HEALTH & IMMUNITY BOOST: Packed with gut-friendly probiotics and prebiotics, our pet food nutrition supports a healthy digestive system and strengthens your dog’s immunity with natural antioxidants. Dynamic duo of soluble & insoluble fibers for easy digestion. The guardian of digestive balance, yeast cell walls ensuring your pets system works like magic
COMPLETE NUTRITION: Our veg dog food is carefully crafted to provide all the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your dog needs for overall health and happiness. It’s a wholesome, balanced meal that your furry friend will love, with the added benefit of no added sugars or preservatives.
SHINY COAT & SKIN: Thanks to omega fatty acids from algae oil, linseed, and canola oil, your dog will enjoy a beautiful coat and healthy skin with Bark Out Loud’s dry dog food. These oils and fats are superfoods vital for adult dogs, providing energy, nutrient absorption, skin health & immune health.


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